Winter Newsletter January 2021

Written by: Sonia Tan

January 13, 2021

Hello Students and Colleagues

May this Newsletter reach you healthy and well. It is this time of year where our seasonal newsletter is one where we reflect on the year past, and the year to come.

Many of you ask about the Chinese Astrological outlook of the 2021 Yin Metal Ox year. I will have a more detailed writing of that on my professional Facebook page and consulting newsletter. Keep in mind that a properly done Annual Update forecast is correctly approached with your complete Birth Chart. It is personalized and meant to be, moreover with the San Cai (Three Essences). It doesn’t make sense that everyone born the same year has the same fate does it? For now, here is a brief musing, and the seasonal change markers for you to utilize in your practice.

The 2021 year of the Yin Metal Ox will be one where perseverance, persistence, and hard work, will bring about improvements, refinement, and stability to the world economy.

The path to get there will be up and down, however this instability will be less than 2020, and much of this year will be about improving upon what we have learned. The Yin Metal is supported and is nourished by the Yin Earth in the Ox. Thus our energetic outlook to world currencies and the economy will improve in the end.

If we look at the Yi Jing of the year, Gua #22, it speaks of beautification. The world is meant to go through a transition, work to restructure, and a new direction, a new beauty. Transitions are a form of instability, and remember, it works toward a new creation.

Lastly, I must mention another myth out there besides the Annual Outlook predictions. Many people besides astrologers, mentioned that the Rat is the beginning of the Astrological cycle. This is not entirely true. Our destiny, even as a planet, is determined by the intersection of three energies (San Cai) – The Universe or “Heavenly”/planetary energies, the seasonal changes on Earth, as well as our own human efforts. When it comes to the cycle of energy of the season on Earth, the Rat is in fact, at the end of a life cycle. This means the end of a cycle of energy, not the start of a new life. New life always begins in spring, and with the Wood energy.

Thus 2020 was meant to be the beginning of the end of a life cycle of change. 2021 is the transition period as we continue to adjust to the end cycle of change, and prepare for a new life in 2022.

In 2022, the Wood energy is strong and vigilant, and more truly the energy of a new cycle of life, the way of being in the world is more set and jumps into higher gear.

Most of all, remember to be adaptable, flexible, persistent and patient as we navigate our transition to the seeds of a new life. I wish you many blessings and good Qi flow in 2021!

YEAR:            BEGINS:
立春 Lì Chūn – Springs Stands – February 3, 2021, 23:08

Xin 辛 Cho 丑        Geng 庚 Yen 寅

驚蟄 (惊蛰) Jīng Zhé – Insects Awaken – March 3, 16:57

Xin 辛 Mao 卯

清明 Qīng Míng – Clear Brightness – April 4, 21:37

Ren 壬 Chen 辰

立夏 Lì Xià – Summer Stands – May 5, 14:57

Gui 癸 Si 巳

芒種 (芒种) Máng Zhòng – Feather Seed – June 5, 19:09

Jia 甲 Wu 午

小暑 Xiǎo Shǔ – Lesser Heat – July 7, 05:33

Yi 乙 Wei 未

立秋 Lì Qiū – Autumn Stands – August 7, 15:40

Bing 丙 Shen 申

白露 Bái Lù – White Dew – September 7, 19:01

Ding 丁 Yo 酉

寒露 Hán Lù – Cold Dew – October 8, 11:04

Wu 戊 Xu 戌

立冬 Lì Dōng – Winter Stands – November 7, 14:21

Ji 己  Hai 亥

大雪 Dà Xuě – Great Snow – December 7, 07:00

Geng 庚 Zi 子

小寒 Xiǎo Hán – Lesser Cold – January 5, 17:46

Ji 己 Cho 丑

Be Well,

 Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, RAc, RTCMP

Teacher Assistant Tips

Sara has been a student of Dr. Sonia F Tan since 2017 and was privileged enough to take courses from the late Dr Richard Tan as well. Sara is a self described “Balance Acupuncture nerd”. She is the co-owner and Director of The Village Community Acupuncture in Vancouver, BC.

OBGYN 8 Getting People Pregnant

Fertility is a hot topic and one that “many” acupuncturists fancy themselves experts. Here is my journey that I walk all of my fertility patients through. Some with great success and others with a lot more trouble shooting required.  The journey to fertility with one of my patients is a beautiful thing.

  • Woman age 36
  • Profession: Dancer
  • TTC for the 2018-2019 with no positive tests
  • Balance Method Acupuncture Treatments start Sept 2019
  • No treatments from Oct-Dec
  • Treatments start again January 2020 1x/week for the following 12 weeks
  • Conception in March 2020, officially my first COVID 19 conception
  • Currently @7 weeks pregnant.

The utmost importance for me in my practice before treating any fertility cases is to set realistic expectations and treatment plans. The expectations for some women are hard to grasp as in this case she stopped treatment for 3 months because as it does, life gets in the way. So we resumed in January 2020 and she was consistent with her appointments and achieved the results she was hoping for.

OBGYN and Fertility Treatment plans

1st month:  minimum of 2x/week for first 2 weeks or 1x/week for the next 4 weeks.

2nd month: follow up 1x/week for 4 weeks.

3rd month: check in at the beginning of period, ovulation, and subsequent period until a normal cycle is established, or pregnancy is confirmed.

OBGYN 8 and Jue Yin Shao Yang (3/6) were used consistently over the following 3 months of TTC.  Acupuncture can work magic but where we shine as practitioners needs to be in the design of our treatment plans.

You’ve got this partner,

xo Sara Ward R.Ac

Balance System Community Spotlight

January 17, 2021 – Intro to Chinese Astrology
Hosted via Net of Knowledge.
To register Tan Balance and Net of Knowlege

NEW Review and Refresher course coming in April 4 2021
at Langara College Campus in Vancouver BC.

You do not need to be enrolled in the certificate program. You only need to have passed the equivalency tests for Levels 1 – Single Balance and Level 2 – Multiple/Global Balance, which can be done online.

This one-day course goes over questions and hands-on demos and practice with Dr. Sonia Tan.

This course is required for the certificate program in some cases.
Information and Registration contact Program Coordinator Karen Ramsden


Level 1: Single Systems Balance System Acupuncture & Level 2: Multiple Systems: Balance System Acupuncture

 Webinars are offered through Net of Knowledge.
Note: Purchase of the accompanying online exam can go towards qualifying for the Certificate Stream at Langara College in Vancouver, BC

Balance System Acupuncture (BSA) Certificate program at Langara College

Balance System Acupuncture Certificate program at Langara College has been transformed to have the option of majority distance/online learning.

Hybrid Program: Both online and in person, 6 of the 8 Levels are distance/online learning
In Person Practicum: February, April & November for hands-on learning, demonstrations and practice.
Certificate program starts May 2021 with July & August off
September to December returns to lectures
Final Exam January 2022.

While online teaching and learning is not the ideal and preferred way to teach for Dr. Sonia Tan, it is an adaptable way to learn in the current times. Much of the learning comes from hands on practice and you will still receive that.

Visit for more details or email for more info.


Adam Slamang, RAc

Foundations of Balance Acupuncture: A Clinical Reference Manual
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Tan Academy Spotlight

Balance System Acupuncture Certificate Program 2020
Cohort #2 Graduating!

Congratulations to Cohort 2 for adapting to online learning, and navigating through enhanced protocols for their one weekend practical session.  This dedicated and bright group are the newest to joining the Certified Balance System Acupuncture practitioner ranks.

They passed their tests, kept their head up with the challenges of learning online, and kept persistent as they applied all their new learnings with ease and excitement.

Graduation celebration is set for January 30, 2021
Applause with me! 

Quote of the Season

Sonia has always been a fan of inspirational quotes since childhood. Did you know she kept a “Quotes” book?

The pick for this newsletter:

​“Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.” 

– Bruce Lee

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