Kind words on the teaching style of

Dr. Sonia F. Tan.

Best teacher I’ve every had! Generous in her teaching and friendly. Very enthusiastic, clear and articulate. Splendid, interesting, sharing knowledge in a fluid way. Very passionate. Animated. Sonia is very alive.

Quebec, Canada 2019

As usual, great job Sonia. I always learn so much from you. You are a true gift to the profession and the world. Thank you so very much for going above and beyond.

Private student, Vancouver, Canada 2018

Finally a channel approach accessible!

Quebec, Canada 2017

Loved Dr. Sonia Tan’s explanations and background relationships to the method. I have watched old videos of Dr. Richard Tan, and her explanations make things much more clear. I loved the demonstrations.
Recorded Balance Acupuncture webinar student, The World 2020

One of the best acupuncture programs I’ve ever taken. Sonia is the best. Very important foundation for any acupuncture.

Certificate program (Langara College) student, Vancouver, Canada 2018

Thank you! Blessings to you Sonia Tan for bringing this to our world today & helping all to understand what the ancient Chinese doctors knew and used – they are probably all smiling and blessing you from above and all of us who are now learning, realizing and appreciating their wisdom and ways.

Live Three Essences webinar student, The World 2020

The practical work faciliated my learning. Thank you. I cannot wait for the other levels.

Quebec, Canada 2019

 I have studied the Ba Zi in the past and found it to be quite difficult. I really appreciate the linear, straight-forward and clear presentation of the material by Dr. Sonia Tan. Wonderful class!!! I can’t wait to continue.

Recorded Astrology Intro webinar, The World 2022

Dynamic, generous, good teacher, very interesting, makes the subject appealing, well structured.

Quebec, Canada 2017

Good teacher, fantastic, knows the material, speaks clearly, very much at ease.
Quebec, Canada 2017

Thank you for being such a thorough and thoughtful instructor! The course is well organized, I a appreciate the opportunities to apply the knowledge throughout.
Recorded Balance Acupuncture webinar, The World 2022

The most interesting course I ever took.

Quebec, Canada 2017

Dr. Tan was great and knowledgeable. She was able to answer questions in depth and I really appreciate her view of the sacred medicine and maintaining this sacredness.

Recorded Astrology Intro webinar, The World 2021

Very passionate. Excellent pedagogue! She knows how to communicate her passion and experience.

Quebec, Canada 2019

Extremely useful! I will apply it immediately. Amazing training. Enriching.

Quebec, Canada 2019

Both teachers were very good, respectful, thoughtful and had clarity of speech (something I admire in a scholar). They were able to convey the subject mater to me in a meaningful way.

Live Five Phases webinar, The World 2021

Very knowledgeable and conscientious. Teaches the subject very well and is motivating to deepen our knowledge. Clear and precise explanations. Generous. Passionate and professional. Thank you.

Quebec, Canada 2018

Big thanks to Dr. Sonia Tan. She is excellent, dynamic, competent, organized and friendly. I cannot wait to take the next levels.

Quebec, Canada 2019

I am very thankful for Dr. Sonia Tan’s clear, concise teaching. The classroom teaching doesn’t need to be complex. Sonia makes it laser clear and right to the point.

Recorded Balance Acupuncture webinar, The World 2022

The level and quality of acupuncture in Quebec would be much higher if all acupuncturists knew classical medicine with Dr. Sonia Tan.

Quebec, Canada 2019

I am so impressed with how well organized the the curriculum of the program is. I look forward to upcoming modules. Sonia is a fantastic teacher.

Certificate program (Langara College) student, Vancouver, Canada 2018

Thank you Dr. Sonia F. Tan for passing exceptional knowledge which is very easy to follow and very clear to the structure of the course.

Recorded Balance Acupuncture webinar student, The World, 2020

Inspiring: Best of the best! :):):) A+++!

Certificate program (Langara College) student, Vancouver, Canada 2019

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf"

John Kabat-Zinn

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