Did you know the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Extra Channels address psycho-emotional pain and psycho-spiritual health?

They may not have taught you this in school at much depth. It’s a needed area of mental and physical health to help restore balance, flow and self-awareness.

Dive deeper into understanding these extra channels and vessels and the various strategies to treat them and restore balance.

The Sinews are our first layer of protection.

Our Wei Qi responds unconsciously to physical or emotional external stimuli to avoid pain and injury. If the input continues without our bodies finding a way to avoid or manage it, our sinews brace for the onslaught as a means of survival. Our sinews are a representation of everything we learned in order to stay alive. Learn how to support the sinews to release the armouring and resistance, body memory and mood shifts.

The vertical Luo-Collaterals process each stage of life from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Each time we experience something in life, we process that experience and the Luo-Collateral system plays an important role in this processing. The Luo vessels serve to protect the primary channel system and the organs from pathogens by venting pathogens or by creating a reservoir when pathogens are not easily dispelled. In order to learn and grow, we must have the ability to process life from a sensory, emotional and mental perspective, with the support of the vertical Luo-Collateral system. 

Earth-School Primary Channels are vital in processing life productively and maintaining sufficient resources for sustaining life.

Productive digestion and the resulting healthy organ function supports the pursuit of our destiny by persevering the prenatal resources that are called upon when digestion and organ function fail. The Earth Element helps us to develop the capacity for grounding and centering and maintaining stability in the face of constant change, challenge and chaos. 

The Divergent Channels have the essential function of preserving life (Yuan Qi) by creating latency.

When the organs are threatened, the Divergent channels shunt the pathogens into the joints, and are held there until there are sufficient resources to release or maintain. This is all done to preserve life (organ function). When patients have Divergent pathology, we can see certain characteristics and then support the appropriate restoration of balance. 

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels of the Seas and the Transporters shape who we are.

They are the Jing vessels and hold the key to our curriculum. They govern how our Jing cycles unfold. They are the source of our authenticity and in them lies the path to self-knowledge, self-love and self-acceptance. They act to self-preserve if needed, and they strive for evolution. 

– Excerpts from Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels & Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity: Acts of Self-Preservation by Dr. Yvonne Farrell.

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf"

John Kabat-Zinn

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