Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Extra Channels Program Outline

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Extra Channels

Learn deeper and more robust channel theory knowledge by learning greater layers and refinement of the diagnostics and treatment methods of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Extra Channels (8EVC). As taught through the Jeffrey Yuen –> Yvonne Farrell lineage. Our in-person only mentorship with Dr. Farrell has 2-3 times more content, supervision and support than her online mentorships.

Specializing in the use of the Secondary Vessels in treatment, Yvonne has been teaching channel theory to students for many years. A student of Jeffrey Yuen, she has developed proficiency with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels system and has found they are very effective in the treatment of psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual disorders.

“Every step towards consciousness is a triumphant act that gives value to all acts of self-preservation.”

– Dr. Yvonne Farrell, DAOM


Cohort 1 mentorship has begun. Private, in-person only, in Vancouver, Canada. Cohort 2 beings 2024 – 2025.


Program is six modules totalling 120 hours. Canadian CEU eligible.


Two days didactic, 1 day clinical. Friday to Sunday.


Minimum of 6 people in the Cohort, maximum 8. Cultivate a unique 8EV community!


A truly personal and unique in-person mentorship offered nowhere else, by no one else, with 2-3 times more content, support and supervision than online mentorships. Held in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.


Module 1: The Sinews. Our first layer of protection. Learn how to support the sinews to release the armouring and resistance, body memory and mood shifts. + Clinic supervision.

Module 2: The Luo-Collaterals. Understand how to support the ability to process life from a sensory, emotional and mental perspective, with the vertical Luo-Collateral system. + Clinic supervision.

Module 3: The Earth-School Primary Channels. Learn how the Earth Element helps us to develop the capacity for grounding and centering and maintaining stability in the face of constant change, challenge and chaos. + Clinic supervision.

Module 4: Divergent Channels. The function of preserving life (Yuan Qi) by creating latency. Learn how to support the appropriate restoration of balance when Divergent pathology presents. + Clinic supervision.

Module 5: The Eight Extraordinary Vessels of the Seas and the Transporters. They are the Jing vessels and hold the key to our curriculum. Understand how they act to self-preserve if needed, and how to support their strive for evolution. + Clinic supervision.

Dr. Farrell has been involved in helping others to restore balance in their lives for over 25 years. In 1996, she graduated from Emperor’s College with a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine. She has been in private practice since 1997. She was a faculty member and clinical supervisor at Emperor’s College for 13 years. In 2007 Yvonne received her Doctoral Degree (DAOM) from Emperor’s College. Dr. Farrell has been teaching CEU courses for several years and is a student of Jeffrey Yuen, who has given his blessings to continue to teach the practice of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Channels (8EVC). Her courses are lively, informative and clinically relevant. She is very passionate about the medicine and enjoys sharing this through her teaching. Her first book, Psycho-emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, was published in 2016 and her second book Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity was published in 2021.

Email hello(at)tanbalance.com for more information.

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf"

John Kabat-Zinn

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