The Pulse of Balance – Special Update February 2023 Newsflash

Written by: Alex Lake

February 21, 2023

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This is a special update newsflash!


  • Special event: Dr. Sonia Tan 1 Day intensive (in-person & online) offering at the Eastern Currents 2023 FLOW Symposium – March 24/23 – Special Early-bird Pricing ends Feb 28/23

 See you online, in-person, or in The , JiāYóu (加油)!

The Tan Academy of Balance 

JiāYóu (加油)
  1. to add oil
  2. to accelerate or to step on the gas
  3. (figure of speech) to make an extra effort
  4. to cheer somebody on

Dr. Sonia Tan Speaks at
FLOW Symposium

It is an honour for Dr. Sonia Tan to be speaking at the Eastern Currents 2023 FLOW symposium March 24-26/23 and to be in the company of the great Jeffrey Yuen.

Day 1 intensive with Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM

March 24, 2023
8:30am PDT, 11:30am EDT
Online or Live in-person

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Holography, Mirror & Imaging systems.
  • Understand about five main systems of Balance System Acupuncture.
  • Learn the evaluation of the Mirroring and Imaging Formats.
  • Protocols for use of distal points in order to avoid aggravating the area of discomfort with special attention to musculoskeletal conditions.


An intensive all day lecture focusing on:

  • Holography → microsystems, mirror/image maps and how to use them more effectively
  • Special Points → effectiveness explanation and how to use them for better clinical outcomes. This includes some Master Dong points.
  • Single Systems Balance System Acupuncture → learning the 6 Balance Acupuncture strategies in conjunction with holography, and how to understand its use for enhancing your clinical outcomes.


If you took Level 1 of Balance System Acupuncture Foundations with Dr. Tan before, this is a different and modified course. We hope to see you again where you’ll find both more gaps to fill and new learnings occur.

If you’ve been curious about learning about Holography and/or Balance Acupuncture, we hope you’ll join Dr. Tan for this introductory course!

For those that have taken the Tan Academy of Balance’s webinars of Balance Acupuncture Levels 1-4, this is a great review with new content, but more than that, Dr. Tan would love to meet you!


If you cannot attend in person, you can attend by livestream online!

EARLY BIRD 20% off rate ENDS FEBRUARY 28, 2023!

Visit Eastern Currents:

Recorded Webinars

BSA Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4

Astrology & Feng Shui Introductions and Prerequisites


  • Dr. Sonia Tan wrote this book with the intention that it be a reference textbook to Levels 1+2: Single + Multiple Balance. It is an essential clinical reference.
  • Updates to new writings are also available on the Books page on the website.

The International French Version of The Foundations of Balance Acupuncture is
Now Available!

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