~ BSA Teacher-In-Training ~

French-speaking ambassador of Balance System Acupuncture (BSA) based in Montreal, Julie takes great pleasure in introducing people to acupuncture and its many benefits. It was initially out of curiosity that she began to study acupuncture in her late twenties. It was to better understand what “Qi” is, this sensation of tingling and circulation in the fingertips that she feels while practicing Qigong and martial arts.

Then, over the years, she began to change her lifestyle, transform her vision of the world and found her vocation — That of promoting with acupuncture, a safe space to connect to our inner Self and activate our body’s capacities to self-heal. She had the opportunity to live in Asia and completed her first clinical acupuncture internship in Vietnam. Then, she offered her acupuncture services for 6 months in a French medical office in Cambodia to the expatriate community. Based in Montreal for almost 10 years, she discovered Balance Method Acupuncture in 2017. It was like a revelation. This brought her answers to many unanswered questions. She is now very grateful to be part of the Tan Academy of Balance as an BSA assistant teacher-in-training. One of her dreams is to pass the knowledge on by travelling and spending time with local communities. Some of her hobbies is Essentrics, a full body movement workout inspired by ballet, fitness and taiji, as well as hikes in nature and discovering new places in the world!