New home for the student forum/TAB Group Collective

Written by: Sonia Tan

February 8, 2022

Hello students!
I have some exciting news! I’ve decided to invest into a new platform for our collective group home – a place dedicated to you, learning, support, referrals, PLUS, event hosting, sub-groups such as a French/Chinese language groups or Certificate graduate Cohorts, documents, and more! It will be web/browser-based (recommended use) and mobile friendly, and has an Apple/Android app if you wish to have it on your phone also. (insert nerd face here!) It will reduce the noise on Facebook, and more importantly, get the important support and notifications from us to you. Less missing posts, more community and learning! Reach out to your colleagues, to us, get help from me or my teaching team or fellow colleagues, laugh, share, learn, network, receive special events and discounts to our events, and enjoy connecting! I’m super excited for this and more importantly, a better way for our common Balance language (and San Cai) thread to connect us together and help us continue to grow and thrive! Look for more news in the coming months from myself or the 2 Team Leaders – Adam and Meghan! I truly hope you will join us in migrating to the new platform – The Tan Academy of Balance Hub!
Miss connecting with you all.
– Dr. Sonia F Tan.
Sonia Tan
Author: Sonia Tan

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